empathy, Freedom of speech/expression, mental health, Public/online shaming, vulnerability


In the quiet of the night,

silence of my heart,

hiding several storms,

with the shattered peace,

and the lost voice,

looking with my wondering eyes,

Grieving with my hurting soul..

Compassion, empathy, human connections are the jewels of authentic relations and the true essence of the human experience — which give meaning to our lives. Unfortunately in the growing digital culture, though we are more socially connected than ever, we are more isolated too, than ever. Human vulnerability is at stake today.

We are living in a culture of shame, blame, fear, and disconnection. People take not a moment to dishonour someone, and pushing him to suffer extreme depression and finally into complete isolation. Public shaming/online shaming can have the worst consequences.

Shame is universal and it triggers us all in different ways and forms. We all have our moments of imperfections but people forget it while targeting someone online and it’s done with much cruelty, forgetting all the limits of humanity.. falling too low in dishonouring someone. And it’s seriously alarming. Yes, they have right to freedom of speech or expression but that must be done with responsibility and demands sensitivity too, towards other person’s sentiments, integrity and self respect.

This is the high time when we need to practice more compassion — to cultivate an inclusive culture. Empathy opens us up to share our stories of imperfections with others without fear of judgement and blame. We need to be human in order to be called a human. Are we willing to see and listen with our heart? Can we have eyes that can understand and see beyond the apparent? Can we walk a mile in someone else’s shoes who is blamed and ashamed? Because we have no idea what he goes through.

19 thoughts on “Empathy..!!”

  1. I agree, the more one closer in connections in social media the more one isolates in real life. Social media is also demand of the day but balance is must in life.
    Impressive feelings in your writting, saima.sk

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  2. I have always loved the word, “Empathy.” A feeling into. Compassion seems to be missing in society. Now the mean kids can be everywhere. I don’t understand it, and I don’t accept it. I get so much pleasure smiling at people and being kind. I hate it if I feel that I hurt anyone, even bugs. I know, I’m a little weird there. As always, this is beautiful writing, Saima, and a subject we should all think deeply about.

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    1. You are right, Michele.. Empathy is now missing in our society.. in general, could be due to the developing/developed new fast culture, but that is something we need the most and ofcourse pay our attention to, whether it’s empathy towards others or ourselves.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, Michele πŸ™‚ always appreciate.

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